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06 February 2009 @ 08:21 pm
Twice screwed  
Well, as the title of the post says, today hasn't been the best day ever for me, for a couple of reasons, which I need to vent about. If you're interested, keep reading, otherwise, feel free to skip it, there won't be a test later.

1. Some idiot asshole decided that playing "let's throw a rock at that car" was a good game to play with my dad's car. A broken back glass (is there any other term for that, anyway? I know the front glass is the windscreen), a trip to the local police station and a lack of said car until tuesday afternoon is the result (the expert from the insurance company can't look at it till monday, so no replacement can be done until then). Thank you very much, dear asshole, and I hope you get a toothache that lasts, dunno, until the next century or so.

2. I just got voluntold (along with a coworker) by my boss' boss to the uni director, who needs someone to record and edit three promotional videos, so they can be shown in the workers' assembly in a few weeks' time. Why me? No clue, considering I've never done any video work before. Yes, I work with cameras. But that doesn't mean I know jack about video editing and recording! My work is in computer vision, damnit, I'm not a camera technician! For the record, my coworker who also got voluntold has it worse, even. After all, she hasn't done any video work, either, and (as said boss' boss said) got selected because "She's a woman and so has good taste". Let's have a yay for sexism!

3. Okay, I lied. It's not twice, but thrice that I'm screwed today. Boss' boss, if you delegate the recording of the videos to us (see point 2), please stop poking your nose in the matter and attempting to micro-manage us to death. We're trying to set the schedule for the recordings with the director's secretary (who's being really helpful and making sure everyone who needs to be there will be), so don't try to set your own schedule and screw us up, ok? Thank you.
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